Location & site

Picage de meule de silex à la main
Hand-carved millstone

Minoterie de Colagne is located in a privileged setting of Chirac in Lozère, overlooking the Colagne river which once powered the mill.

Today, electric engines have replaced the old mechanical system, but the original mill has been preserved. Modern technology allows us to monitor the production of our organic and conventional millstone flours in real time.

At Minoterie de Colagne, grains and flours pass from one stage to the next through a network of ventilated pipes, thus allowing for a good aeration of our various flours, from the moment they are first ground to the packaged product.

Our priority: Quality!

Qualité des farines de meules bioFor many years, Minoterie de Colagne has worked to produce flint millstone flour while ensuring quality and traceability.

Thanks to its HACCP process, Minoterie de Colagne guarantees:

  • Product traceability
  • Regular controls of supplies and finished products
  • Baking tests on all finished products

Regular analyses

Regular lab tests are carried out to check for:

  • organochlorine and organophosphate residues (all our wheat deliveries for organic products + flour planning)
  • mycotoxins
  • microbiology
  • heavy metals
  • insects and pests