Ground on flint millstone, refined using the SODER technique

The preservation of these flour-making methods gives our products numerous advantages:

  • at the same extraction rate, the ash content is richer
  • finer granularity
  • wheat germ in the flour: vitamins, minerals

We therefore obtain flours that respond very well to baking:

  • in comparison with roller-milled flour, millstone flour has a higher hydration of 3-4%
  • its tolerance and baking properties are greater
  • it achieves better fermentation and development thanks to the presence of wheat germ in the flour and a much better starch-water ratio
  • in terms of appearance, greater bread volume, better blade precision
  • uniform colour without spotting, deep creamy to grey colour, depending on the type of flour
  • the crumb is airy with a classic, pleasant flavour


Our different types of flours and mixes come in three different-coloured bags. Green is for organic flours, brown is for organic mixes and red is for conventional flours.