Early records of Moulin de Colagne in the 13th Century

As early as 1261, Moulin de Colagne could be traced to a transaction between the King of Aragon and the King of France.

Later, in 1677, Sir CAHUZAC, Consul of CHIRAC in Lozère, declared that of all the bridges in the diocese, the one spanning Colagne in Chirac was one of the most important bridges for trade and the regular path between Languedoc and Auvergne.

Since then, Moulin de Colagne has come a long way, and its successive owners have contributed to making it what it is today.

A century of quality passed down through the generations

Since 1917, the CONSTANS family has preserved its traditions by combining contemporary techniques and ancestral craftsmanship.

Ground on flint millstones and refined using the SODER method, our flours retain all the nutritional qualities of wheat germ.

Quality, nutrition and taste in authentic and natural products produced with the knowledge of an ancestral craftsmanship passed down through the generations. Now more than ever, these are the true values and the quality guarantee of flour today.